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Skip to main content. Laws current as of. What are the residency requirements to file for divorce in Alabama? What are the grounds for divorce in Alabama? Can I get temporary alimony while the divorce is pending? Can I get alimony once the divorce is finalized?

What are the basic steps for filing for divorce? Where can I find more information about divorce in Alabama? As you can see below, the amount of time that you or your spouse has to live in Alabama before filing for a divorce will depend on whether or not one or both of the spouses live in Alabama: If both spouses are residents of Alabama , a divorce can be filed at any time ; If only the person filing for the divorce the plaintiff is a resident of Alabama and the other spouse the defendant lives in another state, the plaintiff must have been a resident of Alabama for at least 6 months immediately before filing for the divorce; or If only the defendant is a resident of Alabama but the person filing for divorce the plaintiff lives in another state, a divorce can be filed at any time.

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Alabama Divorce

The judge may consider the following factors: the financial situation of you and your spouse; the standard of living that was established during the marriage; 1 the earning ability of each spouse; the probable future prospects possibilities for success, advancement, etc. While divorce laws vary by state, here are the basic steps: First, you must meet the residency requirements of the state in which you wish to file. Alabama: According to Section , there is a sixty 60 day restriction on getting married after a divorce. Alaska: No restrictions after a divorce.

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Three 3 business days for all couples applying for a marriage license. For all couples applying for a marriage license, 24 hours.

District of Columbia: No restrictions after a divorce. Five 5 days for all couples applying for a marriage license. The difference is that if there is a default, the Judge will base his ruling on the oral or written testimony of only the party who filed the suit. The most common type divorce today is one in which the divorce is not contested.

Alabama Divorce

This means that the parties, both husband and wife, agree to get a divorce. In such a divorce, the parties usually enter into a written marital agreement defining their rights and duties and other issues of the divorce. Married couples in Alabama have two divorce related remedies that fall short of an absolute divorce:. In practice, it is ordinarily not difficult to convince the court that incompatibility exists sufficient to dissolve the marriage relationship.

Other grounds for which divorce in Alabama may be granted include: adultery, desertion, imprisonment in the penitentiary for certain prolonged periods, addiction to alcohol or drugs, mental incapacity, cruelty, or conditions which existed at the time of the marriage without the knowledge of the other party such as pregnancy and incurable physical problems which keep one spouse from entering into the normal marriage state. The court has power to order either party to give or convey his or her interests in stock, vehicles or real estate to the other spouse in exchange for the release of marital obligations.

Because the parties are most familiar with their own property, the divorcing couple should work out an acceptable division of assets between themselves.

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Severe tax consequences can result without proper planning in the division of the property. Either a husband or wife may be entitled to alimony if the court determines he or she needs support and the other party is able to pay. There are two types of alimony: temporary and permanent. Temporary alimony is awarded the needy party during the time after a divorce suit is filed while awaiting trial or final court decision.

How Does the Waiting Period for Divorce Work?

Permanent alimony is that which is awarded by the court in its final decree. The award of alimony is completely discretionary with the court which considers such factors as the length of the marriage and the age, earning capacity, health, conduct, education, and income of each of the parties. Alimony is separate and apart from any property division between the parties. The court makes its determination based on the following factors: best interest and welfare of the children, fault of the parties, character and conduct of each parent, age and sex of the children, past care and custody of the children, economic conditions of the parents, preference of the children, and custody agreements between the parties.

The parent who does not have custody of the children has the right to visit the children or have them visit him or her. It is the responsibility of the court to determine the amount that the non-custodial parent is responsible to contribute for support of the minor children.