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Help is at hand: see our list for this parish below. Asylum records — Index to the General Register of Lunatics in Asylums Male Heads of Families — Free transcripts of rolls of male heads of families from the s Kirk Sessions Index — Free extracts from Kirk Session records Lookups The records of the Kirk Session contain a variety of documents which detail many aspects of the daily lives of all types of people throughout Scotland from the 16th century onwards.

We are pleased to be able to offer a search service in some of the records available for this parish. One of its tasks was to hear appeals by paupers against inadequate poor relief granted by Parochial Boards. These appeals were recorded in the Board of Supervision minutes. Cases were often heard over an extended period. The minutes may contain a variety of information, including about other family members, medical conditions and other circumstances.

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Please note that as these minutes may need to be filmed specially, it may take up to a week before we can supply them. Single mothers often took the fathers of their children to court for child support. Such cases were known as filiation and aliment cases. The court could order the father to provide maintenance payments to the mother. If the mother won her case, the court would issue a decree, which would allow the mother to enforce payment of aliment. We have indexed all the records of such cases held by the National Records of Scotland from at least to , and can provide digital images of the records.

To order your copy, simply click on the Order now link in the table below. To order a copy of the record for your ancestor, just click on the Order now link. We do not currently have any records for this parish. Your research hit a brick wall when you discovered a birth record missing this vital name? Where we've already identified the father, click on the Father Found link to order a copy of the record naming the father. Pedigree of a Norwegian family.

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Copies of Allan and Gilroy seals. Large tree dealing mainly with the family of HORN of Westhall, , and their marriage into the Dalrymple family. Detailed research notes, cross referenced. Letter detailing members of the family of Balnagask. Deans snr. Three family trees with notes. Tree of a Haddington family. Claiming descent from Gilmori de Deny Mentions Dick of Tullymet.

Portree, Inverness-shire, Scotland Genealogy Genealogy - FamilySearch Wiki

Tree of the Dicksons of Stonefauld, Eccles. GOLD Also mentioned BELL. Copy of the 'Oamaru Mail, Centenary Supplement, , and other clippings from newspapers, evidently connected with J. Some work relating to Douglas in Germany. Some OPR and census extracts. Many pages of rough trees dealing with the main titled Douglas families.

Some material on Swedish Drummonds. Extracts from Comrie Church yard. A few extracts from Fife OPR. Most of the genealogies are referred to as 'abbreviated'. Letter about proposed abandonment of the Mission at Manawatu in Dundas of that ilk. Copy of testament. Also copies of vital registers in the USA including Wisconsin. Mentions of many of the families who married into the Edwards family. Includes details from family bible. Extract from Scotland's Magazine, , -'The Elliots'. Elliot Clan Soc newsletter, no.

Adam Ellison m. Marion daughter of William Gordon of Airds. Another tree of the family of Pettendreich. Copies certificates of employment, birth and army. Letter dated from solicitor in Canada trying to find out if Janet Esson had died. Large family tree. Letter tracing history of Farquharsons with family tree. Extract from Gentleman's Mag. Also mentioned ADAM.

America, Dallas, Texas, and many other places. Large family tree anent the name. Ferguson, - about pages. Family emigrated to Australia c. Photocopy of 'Origin of the Fergusons in Western Australia'. Findlays of Heathfield Farm, and Coltfield. ELG, Ancestors and family of James Finlayson founder of Finland's industrial revolution, - extract from a Magazine dated February Photocopies concerning Robert Fleming, died Copies of letters from Extracts from the Oban Times anent Fletchers. Copy of affidavit Miscellaneous notes and rough family trees.

Family in Aberdeen. Although these are the surnames mentioned in the title of the work the index contains references to a great number of other surnames. Extracts from OPR, Statutory records and census. Family group sheet. Several little trees. Information on the lowland Clan Society of the name. Forsyth in America via Ireland. Material on floppy disc too. Introduction to 'Foulis Book'?. Mainly relating to the family in Colinton.

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Some entries from Aberdeen OPR. Frasers of Findrack, ABD.. Memoranda anent Lord Fraser, c. Many sheets of notes and letters about general clan history. Information showing descent from John Gardiner and Janet Hartridge, married Spriggs, with family tree. Extracts from OPR and Statutory records. This collection covers several families of the name. Much correspondence with Ingaborg Gifford, Edinburgh from the s. Many scraps of information about the name. Family group sheets. An early and rather hard to follow pedigree chart, showing the ancestry of Daniel Gilchrist, c.

Contains bibliography and references. Extracts from various vital records in the USA. Girdwood from Scotland and Canada, , with extracts from journals and newspaper. Relating SA. Detailed research on the families mentioned. Gordon of Symington, Keirshill, Glasgow, Kenmure.

A lso a pedigree of the Gordons of Lesmoir, Gordons of Culraven and Kenmure mentioned. House of Gordon Newsletter for and Maclagan Gorrie, Notes from a Latin bible anent the family of Meathie. Tree of the family descending from Andrew Gray, farmer Walk of Gray, c. One sheet on the descendants of William Gray and Agnes Carnegie married Another tree of a family of Inverkeithing.

Two family trees. Extract from 'Chief of Gunn', and magazine article on name. Notes on Mount House with notes on the Guthrie family Extract from Inventory of John Haigh Wickenden, Very general information on the family. Also mentioned BURT. I, no. Mainly about the Hartwell family in the USA. A tree relating to the family of Robert Harvey, portrait painter.

Large annotated family group photograph. Correspondence about Hays in Denmark with extracts from books anent 'Catherine Christine'. Hedderwick, , 32 pages. Hand written copy of 'History of the Anchor Line, Two pages from a colour supplement with photos of the Earl of Bothwell's body as it is today in a church in Denmark. Also a copy of 'Runar', George Hill of St. Collection of family trees mainly concerned with MLN - Stow, Leadervale, Fireburnmill, but with smaller trees on families of the name in different places.

All 6 documents c. MI extracts. Refers to two or three different families. A tree of an East Lothian family. Howard, Victoria, A pedigree chart of similar date showing the ancestry of two cousin whom married. With other scraps and notes. Main families mentioned: PYLE,c. In Fraserburgh and New Blyth Innes in Longside and also Cathlaw. Booklet of facsimile documents detailing the family of Innes of Barnyards, Peterhead.

Fergus Descendants of William Innes in Cumminestown.

Portree, Inverness-shire, Scotland Genealogy

Tree showing the Royal ancestors of the Misses Innes of Inverness, Family in Ancroach. Various notes. Various letters. Tracing Sewdish connections. Birth brief of Lt. Irving Stockholm. Baron of Tullock, Councillor of the King of Scotland. Pedigree sheets. A collection of family group sheets with index. Mainly OPR and census. Also mentioned Cousin, Paterson, Halbeath, Beveridge. Also mentioned Comb, Johnston.

Large collection of material. Also in USA, Tasmania.

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MacRAE 2. HAY 1. SCOTT 2. Various lineages, bound book. Dutch heraldry and family history worldwide. Also mentioned BEG. Church records. Trees relating to the Earl Marischal Family. From Burke's peerage. Photograph of House. Tree of Kerr of Lochtoun. Portioner of Kilwinning. Census material and Edinburgh Directories. Various lists from libraries. USA Early history of the name. Research papers. Supporters of Bonnie Prince Charlie, later prisoner. Sailed to America. Some material anent a doctor in the Indian medical service.

Relates to Nathaniel Kinnaird. English history Also mentioned: GRAY. Enquirer - Harold Kirkpatrick. Births and marriages. Also mentioned: REID. Fort Alexander Walker Connections and pedigree chart. Births and Marriages, census notes. Various notes on Landale Family. Part of a Landale family tree. Extracts of parish of Selkirk. Copy of information in pocket bibles.

Also mentioned: KERR. Will - relict of Barbara Scott d. Extract of birth Biography of Rev. Hugh Alexander Lawson MA Descendant of Rob Roy McGregor proven. Alphabetical list of monumental inscriptions and family trees. Copy of letter from Professor Gordon Donaldson to Moscow. Line of the Leask Chiefs. Register of contributors working on Island families. Printed family tree. Various research notes. Origin of surname where they all live etc. C Booklet, by Rev. Campbell Ferenbach. Annals of Liberton - members interest enquiry. William Lillie. Booklets by Dr. Notes on a reproduction map of Banff.

Tree of the family of Lindsay of Byres. The Livingstone Family Tree printed Also references to David Livingstone the explorer. Map of Corhouse nature reserve. Notes on family pedigrees. MI for Stewarton Old Burying ground. Also mentioned: BELL. Research done in USA. Alias Wm. Notes on 'An Auchendoir Album' Description of contents. House of Lumsden Association. Arms of Lumsden on book shelf. Various notes on BMD.

Extracts from census. Also mentioned: LYLE. Notes on the family of Carsphairn and another in Stilingshire. Photograph of the arms of Arthur James McAdam. Various other scraps of unconnected trees. Mentions Honduras. Several surgeons mentioned. Extract from IGI. Early version of Barmagachan history. OPR index printouts.

Also showing links to the Campbell family. Cowan, published by Scarborough Historical Societies. Large body of correspondence between Lesley Gordon of Cowdencleuch and W. LOVE 2. MANN 2. ROSS 4. Extracts from OPR, census and statutory records. Photographs of tombstones. Correspondence dealing with Canadian and American members of the family. Notes on Donald Bhaine McDougald. Copy of descendants of Alexander MacDougal, c. Nomenclature of the Macfie Society and other information about the society. Also mentioned KERR. Photocopy of a family record going back to Tree anent a family in Northern Ireland.

Several small trees referring mainly to the south-west of Scotland, also Canada. PER, ? Copy Clan Gregor Society, no. Letters anent Register of members' interests. Mentions of the family of Corsemalzie. Another collection of seven family trees anent the name, with families in Manchester, America and Ayrshire.

Including a collection of 10 trees of the family in Ayrshire. Clan Angus journal no. McInroy of Lude. Also mentioned MARR. Dealing with the family of Arderseir and Forres. Copy of petition for grant of arms. Some requests from Canada, largely from OPR and statutory records. Tree of a family in Manchester, evidently the progenitors of several families in the USA. Some photocopies of original documents - linking the family with the Earls of Seaforth.

MacRAE 1. Photocopy of an article from 'Scottish Genealogical Helper'. McKinnon on Tiree, Maclachlan, June Contains appendices of material in transcript form. Contains information on many families of the name. Collections of research notes, transcripts and letters anent the Maclachlan family. Fillan', by Robert Craig Maclaggan.

Brief history of a family of the name that emigrated to Prince Edward Island. Also mentioned OMEY. Two pages anent the descendants of James W. McLauchlan born c.

Family groups sheets and other random jottings. Pedigree chart, assorted notes, newspaper clipping. Extract of her death certificate. Family descents in America, compiled by Raymond S. Copy no. The family is covered in more detail in the above mentioned book. Also mentions many people of different names who married into the McLew family. John M'Michan and daughter. SCOTT 3. Photocopies article about a family in Halifax linked with Cornwallis.

Typescript notes of the descent from William McNaughton c. Also clan McNachtan Association article no. McNaughton, Also a testamentary letter and two other letters. Mention of two people of the name emigrating to PEI. Family of Taynish; Tirefergus. Mention of family from Glenorchy. Scottish Genealogist, vol.

XXI no. Copy of 'McNicol', published London Photocopy of the biography of Hector McPhail, from Fasti? James McPhie and his V. Munro from the Scottish Genealogist, touching on the chiefly line and the families of: Ulva, Ormaig, Laggan, Ballighartan. Also materil connected with Register of Members' Interests relating to other families in Kirkcudbrightshire. Shannock, Mains, including copies of letters written in the s. Also a pedigree chart of Malcolm of Lochore, Balbedie and Invertiel, Extracts from testaments and census.

A collection of extracts from the statutory registers. Detailed descent from John Mason in Troqueer parish. John Matheson 'The Diarist', Francis Maude, Capt.

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RN, privately printed Descent from Edward II. Many small trees dealing with many Maxwell families in Dumfriesshire and Kirkcudbrightshire. No dates on the tree.. Balfour-Melville, Extracts from many sources. Contains trees and family descent pages. Menzies of Enoch, DFS, Large collection of deaths extracts from Canadian records and family charts. Another tree showing the descent of a family of Mercer in Perth. Family group sheets, extracts from register of deeds, OPR, register of testaments etc.

Handwritten family record of the Middleton family. Macintosh, , photograph of the family in NZ, three page typescript history. ROSS 1. Mentions some letters found in a loft from: Napier, Stoddart, 1. Dexcendancy chart of Milne of Balwylo. With many extracts from books to do with covenanting. Typescript history of the Mitchells in Markinch. Some correspondence in connection with a Register of Members' Interests. Tree anent the family in Clackmannan, and another of the Mitchel of Mitchel and Craigend familiy.

Pedigree of Mitchell of Stow. INNES 1. Also mentioned: CARR. Tree of the Hessilhead family.

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Photocopy of a grant of arms, Morgan, Newsletter vol. Excerpt from 'The Morrison Book' and including copies of letters and other family information. Genealogy of a family of the name from Morayshire, c. Andrews Commissariat testaments. Extracts from the OPR in Angus. A three page computer print out of a family history. Statutory records. Notes from the OPR in Ross. Scrap with three generations of Murdoch of Cumlodden.

Tree of the family of Murray of Romano. Murray,