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And if you exercise any of these rights, companies still have to give you equal service. The law also gives consumers free, physical access to the personal data that businesses collect — requiring companies to provide your information in an accessible format, such as a downloadable file. And you What products does the California Lemon Law Cover? According to Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, the California Lemon Law is relevant to all consumer products purchased in California and covered by the warranty of manufacturer or the seller. Note that the law will only cover products bought for personal, family or household use.

That means that besides automobiles, California Lemon Law covers trucks, motorcycles, motor homes, boats etc. What are the legal elements of a California premises liability action? As in any other California personal injury lawsuit, the injured party plaintiff, must prove that the defendant in this case, landowner or occupant was negligent towards the injured plaintiff.

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What are litigation costs in California? Litigation costs refer to the costs necessary to litigate a case through trial and appeal if necessary. These costs do not include attorney fees, which are separate. Litigation costs include such costs as: complaint filing fees, the costs for court reporters for depositions, expert fees, copying costs, witness fees, costs for subpoenaing documents, etc. These costs can be significant, especially if an insurance, personal injury and wrongful death case goes through a jury trial. What damages are recoverable in a wrongful death lawsuit in California?

California Code of Civil Procedure Damages recoverable in a survival action are excluded. It is notoriously difficult to value wrongful death claims.

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Of course not. But generally speaking, most wrongful death lawsuits in California are valued over six figures. The average wrongful death settlements are in six figures too.

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What compensation is available in a California wrongful termination lawsuit? By suing an employer for wrongful termination in California, you can potentially secure compensation for lost wages, lost job benefits and emotional trauma. Our California wrongful termination lawyers can speak with you about what damages you could recover in a wrongful termination case. Can debt collectors collect old debts which are too old to sue upon, i. More than compensation, I need justice for the actions of a medical practitioner.

Will a medical malpractice attorney Seattle be able to help me secure it? The other driver was at fault for the collision. What is the Tennessee Juvenile Justice System? Budget put in a new battery. After a week, this battery died, and Foreman took the motorhome back to Budget R. Budget R. Because the battery would not hold a charge, Foreman was required to unhook the battery cables each time he left the coach sitting for any period of time during the entire time that he and his wife owned the motorhome.

Court of Appeal, Sixth District, California.

According to expert testimony, the draw on the engine battery was caused by a component or components installed by National. The Foremans testified the motorhome had 25 manufacturing defects, including a stalling defect that made the motorhome stall on countless occasions during every trip they took. When the motorhome stalled, it lost the power assist feature for steering and braking, making it extremely difficult to control the motorhome.

The Foremans sought repair of this defect six times, but it was never fixed. In July , the Foremans decided not to drive the motorhome anymore because of the dangers posed by the stalling problem.

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National arranged a tow and directed Foreman to a General Motors dealership for repair. The Foremans' expert opined the stalling defect was most probably caused by General Motors components. The expert for General Motors opined that the stalling defect was caused by a pinched wire running along the rail frame and National was responsible for pinching the wire. Other defects in the motorhome included misaligned window screens that could not be repaired and allowed bugs to enter the coach at will, a toilet that would not flush strongly enough to carry away solid waste because of an improperly designed drain pipe, low shower pressure, a coach water pump that did not operate properly and made the coach's lights flicker, sagging of the coach to the left caused by overloading, sagging of the entry step, and a defective electrical converter.

Most of the defects, including the stalling condition, were never repaired by either National or General Motors. On July 19, , counsel for the Foremans wrote National and General Motors and demanded rescission. General Motors and National each responded by offering to repair the motorhome. The Foremans rejected these offers and filed this lawsuit on August 22, The contention is without merit.

Enacted in to improve the lot of consumers who purchase defective products, the Act contains substantive regulations of warranty terms, disclosure requirements and strengthened consumer remedies. Among other things, section Suman v. As we articulated in DeYoung v. City of San Diego Cal. In determining intent, we first look to statutory language, giving effect to the plain meaning of the language. Burden v. Snowden 2 Cal. Section Ibrahim v. Ford Motor Co.

As set forth in the margin see fn. By virtue of section The question for us is whether motorhome coaches are consumer goods covered by section From its inception almost a quarter of a century ago, the purpose of the Act has been to provide broad relief to purchasers of consumer goods with respect to warranties.

Since then, the Act has been amended numerous times. See fn.


This argument is unpersuasive. It simply covers all consumer goods other than new motor vehicles. The result of National's proposed construction would be that motorhome coaches would be exempt from the replace-or-refund provisions of the Act—both the provision of general application and the specific provision for new motor vehicles. In other words, motorhome coaches would be treated differently from all other consumer goods that carry express warranties, rendering the express warranties that accompany these coaches largely meaningless.

Such a result cannot be in keeping with the Legislature's intent. Mercedes—Benz of North America, Inc. Specifically, the Act was aimed at eliminating consumer frustration caused by defective products and easing some of the difficulties inherent in pursuing claims arising out of product warranty disputes. We are not persuaded. Bill No. Due to the manner in which clothing and consumables are handled, it makes some sense to exempt such goods. Gas Co. Public Utilities Com. Kwan v.